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“Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.”

I’m back


I’m back…..Finally after 2 years its time to break silence on my blog. I have no better excuse then procrastination for such a long gap. With a revamped and refreshed look, I’ve made a point to come up with a new post every Wednesday.

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Such a big Deal!?

It all started when groupon came up with an idea to provide self-grooming and beauty services at a discounted price. They were targeting females working in offices behind the desk who are bored of work and unlike males donot want to goto a sports/adult website to cheer them up. But what started as a tiny little convenience and a way to save few bucks in pocket has now become a big pain in ass now. To my surprise, today so far I receive 10 emails and all are of some deal site or the other. And all of them are equally good as spams.

Comeon! no more deals for me

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From Inventor 2011 to AutoCAD

If you are designer/engineer using Autodesk’s platform then there are times when you have to export a sketch from Inventor to AutoCAD. However direct copy-paste doesn’t work at all, and there is no visible option to save file in AutoCAD readible format. If you happen to come across such a situation, then follow this procedure- Continue Reading