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How to make ‘My Documents’ a Copy account

Copy is a fabulous online backup service. I was recently introduced to it and I like the fact that it gives you 15 GB free on signup (20 GB with referrals) and referral gives both people 5 GB. It is built by a seasoned network company and even have installer for Raspberry Pi (it’s so amazing!!). I’m just waiting for them to come up with a full-fledged Windows RT version so that I could sync my tablet to copy account.

copy logo

I’ve been a big fan of Dropbox and I’ll still keep using it–I have a 50 GB dropbox account with I got with my Galaxy phone. However I like to experiment. My last experiment was cubby.com and it was a nightmare. Some of the friends I recommend it to have stopped talking to me now (and I blame it on cubby).

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Following is the script of my speech I delivered as prepared speech for 'Project 4: how to say it' for toastmasters Competent Communicator track. The objectives of the project was to select right words and sentence structure to communicate my idea.

Speech title: XXXed
Time: 5~7 mins

“Neither my speech tonight is related to a Vin Diesel’s movie, nor its about appreciating or criticizing X-rated films. Neither its about a similar sounding deodorant which claims to attract opposite sex like a magnet, nor its about a local medicated oil for cold or headache relief.

Club President, District Officers, fellow toastmasters, and my dear friend. My speech tonight is about three ‘Xes’, which sooner or later takes over all of our lives. In fact, many of us in this room have already been taken over by it!…. Some of you might have guessed it by now, its the milestone of life, in roman numerals X,X,X or in everydays language, 30’s.

Last month I said goodbye to my crazy 20’s for good. Days preceeding my birthday were literally scary. Everytime I would step infront of a mirror, I would feel I’ve developed a paunch, a typical sign of turning 30s. Although, a measuring tape would say a different version of my waistline story. I would diligently keep a track of how much facewash I was consuming per month just to guestimate the rate of my receding hairline. In fact, I even got an ultra-short haircut just to check that out! This whole 30s affair was turning into a paranoia. I was intimidated and scared. Not to mention, quintessentially unhappy with it.

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Power of being specific

One of the most important lesson I learned during my recent trip to Burma came from an unknown old man-Being specific always pays‘, and I mean it in literal sense as well.

Burma is still a place somewhat stuck back in time. People have mobile phones but it is a relatively recent phenomena, and thus not many have it. I was waiting for arrival of my Burmese friend at a local ice-cream parlor. It was about 3:15 PM by my watch. For me the wait was not very pleasant, partially because the parlor had some funny smell, and partially because I had nothing to do.

Mi Mi lay ice cream

Mi Mi Lay Ice-Cream Parlor, Yangon, Burma

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