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Bacon ‘n’ Islam

I guess everyone of us know about swine in Islam—a forbidden creature. It is ‘haraam’ to eat or consume products made out of pig. But the big question is why!?

I don’t know what recently motivated me to put together my own outrages explanation, may be for my own self or may be just for fun. Although I have a feeling that the movie ‘Contagion’ has something to do. Anyways, the good news it I have the first answer-‘Its all because pig is an excellent vector and carrier of diseases!!.’ Sounds a bit off, let me show you how.

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Terrorism and Recession

Well it may sound a bit strange, but it seems terrorists’ world works in the same way as our world does during times of recession. They also loose their jobs as like we normal people do. They also get their funds cut-down and all new projects slashed when there is a economic meltdown.

I dont have any solid ‘market analysis report’ in hand as such. I’m backing it up with an interesting statistics published by the economist on their daily chart. The graph gives the number of people killed by Terrorist activities from 90s till today.

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Apps for Business (wo)Men

Until Sept 2010, I was yet another conventional mobile phone user carrying around so called communicating ‘brick’ in my pocket; Those simple 13+ key phones which alternatively could be used for playing a tossing game with your friends in your living room. I was also the one who use to laugh at a crying friend coz his(er) smartphone accidentally received a scratch at a beach. However, now I’m one of them carrying an Android phone and a subject of laughter for my other ‘brick’ carrying friends.

My motivation to write this post was the article on inc.com -’Best Business Apps in 2010‘. The article highlighted some interesting apps which came out in 2010 and helped businessmen around the world. Out of all the highlighted apps, I found the following apps useful for early stage entrepreneurs (which also means free apps only).

1. Dropbox [Android|iPhone|iPad|Desktop]
Dropbox is a new ‘in-the-cloud’ storing environment. It is a good replacement for box.net however the nice thing is that unlike 1GB free space from box.net, Dropbox provide 2GB free space along with a provision for receiving 250MB free space once you refer it to your friend. You can use a web access to download/upload file anywhere on the go (However the login function miraculously vanished from their website when I urgently wanted to print a document stored in the dropbox and end up installing dropbox at cyber cafe’s desktop client). Check out this article by Amit Agarwal if you want to remotely print file from your smartphone. Again, you can also remotely monitor you PC using Dropbox. Overall, its a great software and a free replacement for box.net, Microsoft Groove etc.

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How I rooted and unrooted my Motorola Milestone (Singapore Edition)

I actually liked the android phones coz they make your handphone an expensive toy to play with. Although my motivation to root the milestone was because of a Wi-Fi bug which rendered wireless useless communication medium. It was not there when I bought the phone however one day it suddenly stopped connecting and recognizing the APs. However the problem vanished by itself. This was just a beginning of my nightmare. Few months later Wi-Fi was just a fancy term for my phone as the switch would get stuck in the middle. Neither it was completely close, nor it was completely open.

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War: in the name of peace!!

Originally posted on my previous blog page which died in this world of ruthless and pointless hacking (come on! I was even unemployed at that time)… And seriously! this is not even at par with my standards.

Why people fight, why there are wars, someone compassionate transform into a ravenous Lucifer, suddenly a kind soul starts finding joy in bloodsheds and genocides ; Peace and sacrifices no more stands benign?

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