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Terrorism and Recession

Well it may sound a bit strange, but it seems terrorists’ world works in the same way as our world does during times of recession. They also loose their jobs as like we normal people do. They also get their funds cut-down and all new projects slashed when there is a economic meltdown.

I dont have any solid ‘market analysis report’ in hand as such. I’m backing it up with an interesting statistics published by the economist on their daily chart. The graph gives the number of people killed by Terrorist activities from 90s till today.

Interestingly, the death toll starts falling in 1993, 1997, 2001 and finally in 2007. Here I’m only talking about times when the curve changes its monotonicity. 1993 saw end of gulf war along with fall of USSR. 1997 was the time when economic sanctions were imposed on Pakistan and India after both of them tested N-bombs (need not to say that these countries contribute a significant number to the stats). 2001 was a big setback to them when all global US dollar transactions were scrutinized and the world saw the beginning of  ‘war on terrorism’ . Need not to say what happened in 2007.

Whatever I’ve written above may not be true, but there seems a very strong correlation in the hypothesis and reality.

Disclaimer:-“These are all my principles, if you dont like then I have others!!.”

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