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Following is the script of my speech I delivered as prepared speech for 'Project 4: how to say it' for toastmasters Competent Communicator track. The objectives of the project was to select right words and sentence structure to communicate my idea.

Speech title: XXXed
Time: 5~7 mins

“Neither my speech tonight is related to a Vin Diesel’s movie, nor its about appreciating or criticizing X-rated films. Neither its about a similar sounding deodorant which claims to attract opposite sex like a magnet, nor its about a local medicated oil for cold or headache relief.

Club President, District Officers, fellow toastmasters, and my dear friend. My speech tonight is about three ‘Xes’, which sooner or later takes over all of our lives. In fact, many of us in this room have already been taken over by it!…. Some of you might have guessed it by now, its the milestone of life, in roman numerals X,X,X or in everydays language, 30’s.

Last month I said goodbye to my crazy 20’s for good. Days preceeding my birthday were literally scary. Everytime I would step infront of a mirror, I would feel I’ve developed a paunch, a typical sign of turning 30s. Although, a measuring tape would say a different version of my waistline story. I would diligently keep a track of how much facewash I was consuming per month just to guestimate the rate of my receding hairline. In fact, I even got an ultra-short haircut just to check that out! This whole 30s affair was turning into a paranoia. I was intimidated and scared. Not to mention, quintessentially unhappy with it.

Then I came across something amazing. ‘Most people die at 25, but not buried until 75.’ I’m fond of reading quotes, and those are words of Benjamin Franklin on aging.

And then it came to me, it’s all here. Aging is a natural phenomena and I can’t stop the clock. But am I living each and every moment to its fullest? With hopes, passion, and curiosity as of a new born child? With a positive outlook for tomorrow and making best of everyday-learning and nurturing. The answer to these questions were yes! I was more compassionate an reasonable then I used to be, I was lifting maximum amount of weight I could ever lift, I even became better public speaker, thanks to Toastmasters.

Someone ones said in theological context-“God gave us a key, which opens both door of hell or heaven. Its our choice what we choose.’ Similarly, nature has given us this beautiful and fantastic mind. We can either waste on worrying about things  such as ‘getting old’ or turning 30s, we can use it in a constructive way so that our deeds or name live forever. The choice is with us.

With this thought, I said goodbye to my 20’s–time of mistakes and stupidity. And to 30s I said-“Bring it on babby!, show me what you got! I’m ready for you!”.




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