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Such a big Deal!?

It all started when groupon came up with an idea to provide self-grooming and beauty services at a discounted price. They were targeting females working in offices behind the desk who are bored of work and unlike males donot want to goto a sports/adult website to cheer them up. But what started as a tiny little convenience and a way to save few bucks in pocket has now become a big pain in ass now. To my surprise, today so far I receive 10 emails and all are of some deal site or the other. And all of them are equally good as spams.

Comeon! no more deals for me

Its true that once I signed for groupon’s newsletter and was happy to receive them every afternoon after lunch. There will be some deals I’ll forward to my friends and even give them a call to emotionally force them to buy with me. But now like several others I’m over it. This all came at the cost of a huge pile of unnecessary items lying in my apartment plus going to places where I always wanted to go but now never want to. The worse of all is that companies like Amazon, ebay etc have also started ‘spamming’ my mailbox with their own daily deal services for which I never signed up for. One of my friend even told that he has received an email from Paypal today for another deal service started by them.

I hope one day these companies ‘grow-up’ and actually make something which makes our life easier and not so complicated. Or else soon these deals mail will find their place in my folder containing Nigerian inheritance and Pen** enlargement deals.

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