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War: in the name of peace!!

Originally posted on my previous blog page which died in this world of ruthless and pointless hacking (come on! I was even unemployed at that time)… And seriously! this is not even at par with my standards.

Why people fight, why there are wars, someone compassionate transform into a ravenous Lucifer, suddenly a kind soul starts finding joy in bloodsheds and genocides ; Peace and sacrifices no more stands benign?

As like many of us, these questions have always baffled mankind for an answer, with a hope in heart that one day we could find a solution and create euthopia for our children (Lennon’s imagination). Well, till date, I have realized that there is no one answer (and actually will never be!). And similarly, there is no one universal cure for it.

Amplification of my thinking process to find an solution occurred with recent happenings, which brought me to an interim conclusion. Although it is just ‘a drop in the ocean’, it is seems sufficient enough to lead us forward towards a better understanding of the disease. And what I’ve arrived is really ‘interesting’!.

My past couple of weeks were not spent in hedonistic delights, nor in a state depressing inebriation. They were rather traded for restless bundling of statistics, anecdotes  and common sense. Articles and stories about wars and battle fought, writing of scholars and legends such as Chanakya, Aristotle, Genghis Khan and many more were compiled together to tell a story—story about bloodshed and desire to kill. Even plots of movies such as Kingdom of Heaven, Troy, Ben Hur, Braveheart influenced the inference. As someone will imagine, the picture was incomplete and I believe will never be complete for an ordinary man. But the incomplete picture said something about this bloody desire. In the end, for me pinned down to two Purest emotions— REVENGE and FEAR!. It sound childish and yeoman’s respond to an unsolvable problem but in essence it sums it all together. Just two words, two magical and mundane words. Those who understood and embraced forgiveness and fearlessness were the one who attained enlightenment and their soul were at peace!!

On the other hand, each one of us are continuously at war. And the biggest war we fight everyday is within ourselves, and against ourselves…

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